Kathryn Korb lives and works in St. Paul, MN. After graduating from St. Catherine University in 2008 with a BA in Studio Art she helped found and grow a business to support artists by using their original artworks to create large scale murals for residential and commercial spaces. While she loved working with artists and seeing art on a daily basis she wanted to develop her own art practice. In 2016 she started painting, creating work, and spending time in her studio.  Her dedication to pushing herself and experimenting with new materials and styles is evident in her work. While her work spans different styles, she has a unique signature and voice that is represented in each piece. 


The work explores the direct connection landscape and nature has to the soul. Kathryn spends a lot of time in nature, alone on walks, that help to clear and quiet her mind. This meditative state encourages a growing connection to the land. Realizing specific places evokes emotion and memory is something that interests her, and as a result the work is created out of this space.